Marilyn Monroe Had It Right…

Feminism is defined as… the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. (Google)

I believe Marilyn Monroe said it right when she said woman who seek to be equal with men lack ambition. We are so much more than that. We need to give ourselves more credit for what we can do that men cannot or perhaps struggle with. I mean… men are great and all don’t get me wrong and I believe there are things men are better at as well and that’s completely OK. BUT women are so unique and powerful in themselves why strive for anything different. As Marilyn was implying… aim for more! Think… women can grow a human being inside of them then push that human being out of there body. Or in my case have one pulled from my body after being cut open. If that’s not FEMINISM I don’t know what is.


The problem is now feminist have been so empowered they are completely engulfed in themselves. In their conquest, they have become very self-absorbed, just like all society has. We all are the “But what do I get out of it?” kind of people. The “Look at me. Me. ME!” and the “I want MORE” generation. Never content.  While we all had the best intentions in mind when we set out, our lives have gotten out of hand considering we are always worrying about ourselves and rarely for others. We as women should be the ones to change this. We are the nurturers. It is in our DNA to be more caring. That is what woman USED to be better at. They put all that they were into taking care of those around them. That was their one and only job. Now… I don’t believe we should revert back to when many women didn’t feel as if they had an identity because they were so selfless that they forgot to do something for themselves. I think we should find the happy medium between narcissism and lost identity. We should take guidance from the past and take care for our families and the ones we love the way only a woman could do. We should try and use some “vintage feminism” and take charge of our lives. Make life more well-rounded. Create a peaceful place in our homes, live by example and weave it into the world today.

I challenge everyone to make a list of anything and everything you could do to be a little more selfless.

Here’s mine:

  1. I could use weekends to get together some creative games or crafts for my nephew to play so he doesn’t end up watching TV when I am feeding the baby.
  2. Get outside more with the ones I love.
  3. Make sure dinner is healthy whether I make it from scratch or not.
  4. I could get up and get moving more and be a good example for my child.
  5. I could look up ways to get more natural cleaners for our home.
  6. At the many family functions we have my mom and aunts still clean up. Now I could make the effort to clean up and let them use their time to enjoy their grandkids.
  7. I could make sure my husband and I have a date night more often.
  8. I could make sure my husband has a good chunk of his days off where he can enjoy something he would like to do and unwind from the work week.
  9. I could make the conscience effort to be more easy-going to lessen the stress for the people surrounding me.
  10. I could make sure I always write thank-you notes when I get a gift.

This is just a short list of the MANY things I could change to be more selfless. I would love to hear some of your ideas. Comment down below some of your ideas and maybe these could inspire my writing in the future. I would appreciate it greatly!


4 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe Had It Right…

  1. thewallflowerwife says:

    I really like this post and am working on my list as we speak. Today, I followed the leader. The leader was one of the world’s first Vintage Feminists, Julia Child! While she was the only woman in her French cooking class, she pioneered the “I want to become a professional at being a homemaker” mindset. I think she’d absolutely agree with everything you are saying! After reading your blog, I was inspired to make her Beof Bourguignon. It was absolutely delicious and I felt so proud of myself! Not because of any kind of new age achievement… but because I was able to challenge myself and make an amazing meal for my family. 🙂
    Thank you for the inspiration!


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