Baby Names: The Journey to Naming Our Daughter.

Throughout history men and women have had the hard job of naming their newborn babies. In February of this year my husband and I got the privilege of naming our sweet baby girl. The nine months leading up to this time we had a lot of thinking and debating to do. The big question was… “Do we go TRADITIONAL or UNIQUE?”  I have never been partial to either. I found myself liking both new names and traditional alike. One thing I knew for sure was that I wanted my daughter’s name to be special. SO, boy or girl I knew I wanted my child to be named after someone that I cared for.

We saw this a lot throughout history. Couples would often name their sons after their fathers or name their daughters after grandmothers. You would see a lot of “so and so junior or so on and so on the second.’ For example, if you find yourself watching I Love Lucy, Lucy and Ricky name their son after Ricky himself and their son is soon called “Little Ricky.” I always admired this. My own name is special in the same way. Sara Suzann. Suzann was my grandma’s middle name as well, although she insisted we spell mine differently because she didn’t like how her parents spelled hers. I always took pride in this. It was a special connection to my heritage. I got a name that not only was my grandma’s as well, but my great grandparents chose this name themselves.  So as soon as I became pregnant it was like second nature when deciding if I was going to follow the tradition.

At this point, we knew we would do middle names just like my own parents did for me and my sister. If our child was going to be a boy he would have the middle name Keith after my dad’s middle name. Now, for a girl I knew I wanted her to have my mom’s middle name Linn, but after years of compiling a list of names for babies, I knew I loved the name Rosalee. It was so girly. I mean you couldn’t see a boy named Rosalee could you? It was a name you almost always visualized when you heard it. A field of flowers perhaps or a bouquet of roses. Well… I always did! Anyways, I wasn’t against having it as a first name, but the problem was, was that ‘Rosalee Linn’ didn’t sound good to me. You know how certain names or phrases don’t roll off the tongue or don’t feel quite right as you say them. Rosalee Linn felt that way to me. So I thought… Do I ditch my mom’s middle name or my favorite name… Which do I choose?  I couldn’t decide.

Well one day after watching the new Disney Channel Movie ‘Descendants’ with my nephew I found another name I really liked. I know funny side note right? Anyway, the character’s name was Evie. I thought it was adorable and presented it to my husband and shockingly enough he liked it too! The thing is we wanted it to be a nickname for her. So the next decision is what Evie could be short for. We came up with Everly or Evelyn. Ben liked Evelyn more so that’s what we were leaning towards. Then came the big day… the day we find out what gender our child would be. It was a GIRL! Guess what happened next? I instantaneously knew exactly how to solve my name conundrum. We didn’t have to spell “Evelyn” like its spelled here. We could name her EveLINN. This was perfect! I could still have my mom’s name Linn represented in my daughters AND have Rosalee as her middle name. So Evelinn Rosalee it became. And it became three times as special as I originally intended because Rosalee was a combination of my cousin and sister’s middle names,(both of whom are my absolute best friends… my maid and matron of honors)  Rose and Lee.

Despite the fact, that I am not bias when it comes to traditional and unique names, I very much liked the idea of carrying on the tradition of naming my baby after someone I loved and cared about. So instantly, right there in the ultrasound room, I fell in love with Evelinn Rosalee, a name that was inspired by not only one, but three loved ones and the rest was history.



6 thoughts on “Baby Names: The Journey to Naming Our Daughter.

  1. Sheri Welch says:

    I love when names have a special meaning to someone. It gives that child roots and something very very special. Names are important, or God wouldn’t have changed people’s names in the bible. 🙂 Evelinn Rosalee is a ‘strong’ name!!!!! That’s important!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. rachelkaly says:

    I love the way her name came together! My friend Annie’s daughter is named Rosalie and I love it, its so adorable! The name Evie is so adorable too! I will have so much fun coming up with names whenever I have children!

    Liked by 1 person

    • VintageFeminist says:

      Thanks so much! Oh really?! That’s so neat. I just love the name it’s so girly and old fashion 😊 AND you will have a blast! Figuring out a name was one of my favorite parts. It’s so special getting to name a human being a name they’ll have the rest of their lives. It’s a great feeling! Thanks for reading!


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