As Simple As Pickles…

Love this story by my sister! Canning is a great way to be inspired by the past!

~Cherokee Wildwood~

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time with my grandma whom I called, Mama. Mama was my babysitter. I have 9 other cousins and she watched quite a few of them, too! My Mama spent a great deal of her energy instilling in us a certain set of values. These values aren’t anything odd or quirky, but they are extraordinary. One of the values was to see the beauty in the nature around us. She did this by taking us out to the garden and letting us pick cucumbers, making us help with canning, showing us how to eat gooseberries, allowing us to feed off of the cherry tree and teaching us the precious vulnerability of something as simple as a delicate flower. She took all of her babies and made sure they were exposed to a small town country life. She made us get our…

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