Gender Reveal: My most successful Pinterest craft to date.

261It’s funny to think that throughout a VAST majority of history people weren’t able to find out the gender of their baby until the baby actually entered this world. Such a lovely thought! Something that sounds like so much fun, but I just can’t fathom the idea! I don’t think I could ever feel prepared enough without knowing ahead of time. I personally just found out within the last year that my parents didn’t know the gender of my sister until she was born. I couldn’t believe it. I know it’s not that big of a deal and some people still choose to do this today, but I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Of course I asked her how it was and what they did about decorating the nursery and getting clothes. I really admire the couples now-a-days that choose to wait. I can just imagine the anticipation right before that last few pushes or when the doctor says there is only a few more moments until you get to meet your baby. I imagine it’s an AMAZING feeling! Well, with that said, I knew from the moment MY pregnancy test said positive I wanted to know the gender as soon as possible. My husband and I even thought about paying for one of the 3D ultra sounds (which are great, but we never found the time) just to find out the gender a few weeks earlier. I just had to know! But what is a great alternative to the old way doctors announced “It’s a…!”in the delivery room is the newer fads of the gender reveal party and here is OUR story of how we revealed the gender of our daughter.

A year ago from next Saturday was the day we found out what Ben and I were going to be blessed to have. My husband had asked me on many occasions if I would like to have a gender reveal party and I would have loved to, but fall is already insanely hectic and busy for us and our families and I didn’t really want to wait until we could get the chance to do so. SO, I decided against it. I really love the idea of getting the envelope with the babies gender giving it to the bakery then the mother and father cutting into the cake and finding out the gender along with all their friends and family. It’s a great way to get to experience that special surprise AND being able to prepare for your baby fully ahead of time. You can still have time to get decorations for the nursery or clothes without worrying about being so gender neutral. It’s the best of both worlds and perhaps with the next child we will do that, but this time we had a bit of a virtual reveal party. I decided to find a way to reveal to everyone I love through a, can you guess it, group text! And where did I find this idea, of course…. Pinterest. It’s like party planning heaven. Even for virtual party planning.

So I decided on one and because of the time of year, went with a fall theme! I got three pumpkins different shapes, sizes and colors and painted them. ‘It’s” on the first. “A” on the second. And the last was painted with a face with a pink pacifier and a pink bow to reveal our sweet little baby was going to be a girl. All of these were sitting on a pink blanket surrounded by pink carnations and all the girly baby items I could find at Walmart. A teething toy, shoes, sleeper, bottle cleaner, so on and so forth. I then took a video of all the items under a tree and slowly panned over all the pumpkins one at a time. It’s……… A…… Girl! I sent it in a group text and everyone was very excited for us and I really enjoyed everyone’s responses. I saved them all and printed them out for Evelinn to read one day. It was a special time. It made it a little more special and a little more like the past then just telling people in passing or giving them a phone call. In my little world I got to experience something that slightly resembled the father coming into the waiting room telling all the people they loved that it was either a boy or a girl. I got to reveal my babies gender in a special and fun way I’ll remember and cherish forever.

If you were looking for an idea and this sounds like an idea you would like to try here’s how I did it….

Things you need…

3 pumpkins (Preferably different sizes, shapes, color)

Acrylic black paint

Small paint brush

Pacifier (pink for girl/blue for boy)


Bow or baseball cap for ‘baby’ pumpkin

A blue or pink blanket

Baby items of your choice to set next your pumpkins

Pink or boy colored carnations

First, paint “It’s” on the first tallest pumpkin. Then “a” on the second smallest pumpkin. Then paint a sleeping baby face (as seen in the picture of the one I did) on the third roundest pumpkin. Then take the knife and cut a SMALL hole where the mouth would be where you can stick your pacifier. Then place bow or hat on top of baby’s pumpkin head. Sit pumpkins on blanks and surround with other items. Take a picture and send it after a “Do you all want to know the gender?” text… then REVEAL!


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