Apple Pie!

Traditions are so important! Something our elders were so much better at. Slowing down and taking the time to make certain moments special and memorable. Nothing is better than looking forward to a tradition that is important to you. Making apple pies in the fall is a wonderful idea. Those memories will stick with you forever reaching all 5 senses. You and your loved ones will never forget it. I encourage everyone to try and create a tradition to make your families lives just that more special.

Thanks again for allowing me to share your post. Read up everyone it’s a good one!

Super Mum I Am Not

Autumn is here… Finally! I love it from October to December is my favourite time of year and I wish once it got to December 31st then it would be October 1st again. However, that cannot happen no matter I much I wish for it or even ask Father Christmas 😀

For me autumn is always the time of year that makes me so happy I don’t know what it is but season makes me feel a lot calmer and just wanting to appreciate all the beauty around me (not that you can’t do that with all four season). The colours are so mesmerising and the air is alot more crisper and cleaner (to me anyways).

As the weather here in my home town is the type of weather that outside activities are just a big no to do. Over the last few years since my son is able to…

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