Our anniversary! A Reminder.

The pictures above are of Day 1 and the start of year 2 of our marriage. Now bring on year #3! Happy Early Anniversary babe. I love you! You gave me the most important thing in my life… our daughter. You are an amazing husband and I feel so blessed to have you!

Today I wanted to talk more about what I have referenced many times in my last few posts… hobbies. Hobbies are so important for a person. They are stress relievers and give us a sense of self and independence. I would like to tell my story of how I was taught this lesson and how I learned that it is so important for an individual and very important for your marriage.

The 25th of this month Ben and I will have been married for two years. It’s hard to believe. It feels like just yesterday my mom and I were making almost weekly trips to the Wedding Collection (http://weddingcollectionmo.com) in Springfield to plan our big day. Getting flowers, a cake, tuxes, limo, etc. It also reminds me of when we met with my childhood pastor who was going to be the officiant in our wedding for our pre-wedding counseling. Pastor Dale and his wife came to our house to give us advice and prepare us for our ceremony. Unfortunately Pastor Dale wasn’t able to marry us due to a family emergency, even though we had a great stand in, it was something that my pastor taught Ben and I that stuck with me the most.

First a little back story about my pastor. He was my pastor at a small town country church. A southern Baptist church with very straight forward old fashion values… many of those I still carry with me to this day. He taught the Bible very straight forward with no new age interpretations. Nothing was confusing or lost its meaning. So when he was doing our pre-marriage counseling this is what he emphasized. He also taught us from his own experience with marriage. As he was teaching us, a lesson I had never really gave much thought came to the forefront. He asked us what our hobby was and guess what… I couldn’t answer it. As my husband said hunting, shooting guns, etc I could not think of a single thing. I knew I loved spending time with my family and my television shows, but these weren’t true hobbies. It was an eye opener. There was nothing I enjoyed doing that I did just for myself. Nothing that I did to wind down from my day or did in my free time. When I told him this, he explained how important it is in a marriage to have something that you like to do that is completely yours. Even though a marriage is intended to make two individuals one it’s still important to have an identity. He encouraged me to find my hobby and also he said it’s equally important to support each others hobbies. Take time to go hunting with Ben and vice versa with Ben and my hobby. He taught us this is a great way to show one another love and support. It was such a great lesson I had never gave much thought to and it took me a while to find a hobby I truly enjoyed. Like I explained in my post “Antiques: My Hobby” searching for treasures for my flea market booth was a great choice for me. I enjoyed finding the items, learning their history, pricing them accordingly then seeing someone buying them to enjoy themselves. Ben has been great support. He’s been patient with the pile of ‘junk’ in our garage. He’s ran down to my booth to grab something for me. He’s watched Evie for me so I can add more items. It’s been a great way for me to get away and enjoy myself. My favorite hobby which I’ve began in the last month is this one right here. Blogging. I absolutely love it. It’s such a stress reliever and Ben has been so supportive sharing and reading each and every one of my post. Pastor Dale taught us such an important lesson we use each and every day to strengthen our marriage and we are forever grateful.

So here’s a reminder to find a true hobby that is completely yours and something you can share with the one’s you love. Make something your own. Take advice from someone who was very important to me gowning up and remember hobbies are IMPORTANT.

Also, click the links throughout this piece to read up on some of my older post about hobbies if you have missed them. Hope you enjoy!


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