In the Future, Little Old Ladies…

The meme above couldn’t be more true. Isn’t that a sad thought that our children and grandchildren won’t remember their grandmothers making them a homemade meal or they won’t clutch onto the blanket that was made just for them. I have so many of these memories that I cherish. A cookbook full of my grandma’s recipies, many blankets and dolls that my  other grandmother chrocheted or sewed just for me. Quality items with sentiment. Not items bought at a store on sale made in mass production with absolute no meaning or uniqueness. I want to change this. I want my grandchildren and theirs to have items of mine that aren’t just a piece of furniture or something of the sort that say I bought at Target or Kirklands, which although cute, has no more meaning other than that I bought it with my own money. I want to learn to make something that’s special that I can pass down and last generations. Something with a story and history that makes my offspring be inspired and feel loved. I encourage everyone to take the time to learn even the simplest thing that can be useful and teach the future women that these old traditions of handmade items or classic traditions are so much more important than what we have transpired into today. 

So try and learn from your grandparents and  make life more genuine and encourage life to have more meaning. Let’s change the path that we are on heading towards nothing but materialist memories to memories that instill timeless values and traditions that can be passed on with pride. Let’s grow old and become the little old ladies our grandmothers became.


7 thoughts on “In the Future, Little Old Ladies…

  1. Suze says:

    A dear friend of mine recently taught me how to quilt. It is something my own grand mother did, and I always wanted to know how. I am teaching my own grad daughter how to quilt now. She wants to be able to pass it down when she has kids. Love the blog post!


  2. thewallflowerwife says:

    I love that you write “I want to learn something special and pass it down to generations”… This is so cool and the fact that you are blogging and educating people on your thoughts and the way you view life IS something special! It is so neat that you are thinking about life like this and forcing your readers to do the same. It has definitely put things into perspective for me. I am LOVING this blog!

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