Friday Night Lights and Trunk or Treat in a Small Town


Nothing I mean nothing is better than fall. The cool air, the changing leaves, bonfires, Halloween, pumpkin everything. It’s so infectious and I don’t know a person who doesn’t love it! Every weekend is filled with fall festivals and football. Something my sleepy small town has always been a great place for. Whether winning or losing, on those Friday nights you will find a good chunk of our town bundled in their blankets cheering on the Pirates under those Friday night lights. If you have never experienced a high school football game you have to some point in your life. I grew up at them. Watching my very talented cousin play when he was young. Their team was great (which also included my husband and brother in law whom I obviously was unaware at the time we’re going to be so important to me later on). They were exciting to watch even for a young elementary girl like me. They became special to me. A place where my family would gather and enjoy the weather, game and food together. It’s a tradition we still carry on today. We all grab our lawn chairs and blankets and head to watch my brother-in-law, who now coaches, coach his team and soak in every second of it.

With that said, this last Friday night was a very special football game. It was the high schools second annual trunk or treat. For those who have never heard the term it’s where many vendors come to one place and set up booths where children can come dress up and trick or treat. My sister, an English teacher and guest writer for my blog, was the organizer of this event. She is someone who loves holidays and for weeks puts in hours of commitment and time into making this event special for the kids. Calling vendors… Local police, military, local clubs, parents as teachers. They all show up and hand out candy and balloons to the happy children. This gives children a safe place to trick or treat with their friends as well as feel the sense of community an event like this gives off. That’s what’s great about our small town of 1400. These Friday nights, especially this particular one, allows us all to feel like a tight knit community. Like everyone is your next door neighbor whether they are actually or not. You should see their faces. Getting to see friends they might not see on the dark street on Halloween night. Showing off their costumes. Running to their parents to show off what candy and prizes they received. Nights like these are such a blessing for these kids. Memories that will last them a life time.

If you have never saw the charm in a small town I hope you can read this and see what’s so special about them. A place where Friday night lights and trunk or treat is a place to gather together as a community and enjoy life!

The pictures above: my daughter and her two cousins and just a few snapshots of the event!

Below: my sister and my daughter and I enjoying the night!