Heritage: A Glimpse into My Story.

As promised earlier this last weekend, finally here is my piece about Heritage Days in my small town. Something that used to be called Nathan Boone Days or The Nathan Boone Day Rendezvous has been a staple in our town as long as I can remember. When I was small it was hosted at the town’s city park. Many booths set up side by side around the circle drive that lies in the center of the park. During this time it was just a day I got to run around the park with my friends getting our hair spray painted or ride in the horse drawn carriage. Then later it was moved to our historic down town Main Street. Now the booths lined the street that had been shut down for the event. The constant in all of it is there has always been a bus that would drive people out to visit the Nathan Boone homestead. A historic State Park. Here you will find a house and expansion of land that belonged to the man who discovered our small town, Ash Grove. As I grew older this heritage day festival has become more and more special. As I would go visit the homestead I have seen 100 times over I find myself looking around thinking this is literally where my roots in this town began. I am the sixth great granddaughter of Nathan Boone.

Nathan Boone, son of the great frontiersman, Daniel Boone made his way to southwest Missouri, the Ozarks and settled on the land I now consider home. His home well preserved. An authentic cabin surrounded by rolling hills, a picturesque barn, a family cemetery and much more. As I look upon this it’s hard not to think of how far we have come, but also thinking how nice it would be to live on a piece of land and in a home like that now-a-days. There are many things I wouldn’t give up for the world that we have today that they did not have then, such as modern medicine, but a quiet farmers life would be ideal. People worked hard for what they had, they were always active and always together. A way of life we have veered from and could use much more of in my personal opinion. We could learn, maybe not everything, but a few thing from my ancestors and I am sure we could from many of yours too.

The point of this blog is to express how much I cherish my heritage and I realize I am very blessed to be able to trace my lineage so far back so easily. I am also blessed to have an even deeper meaning to why my small town is so special. Heritage day festivals like these bring communities together to bring attention to great causes, to show off people’s talents in arts and crafts and learn where we came from and maybe learn to aim to accomplish certain aspects of life from a time long forgotten. A part of my heritage happens to be directly tied to my town and small heritage festival and I have a strong belief everyone’s heritage story is special.



9 thoughts on “Heritage: A Glimpse into My Story.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve been surprised a few times in my life that some people don’t know anything about their heritage. They don’t even know where their ancestors came from. It’s wonderful that you’re so rooted in your history! And the Heritage Days sound like a lot of fun!

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  2. thewallflowerwife says:

    I love t his story! It is almost a super power feeling to be the descendant of something big. It is amazing that you get to have this feeling and I think your grandma would love that you are continuing to educate people on it! It’s people like you who keep a heritage and a story alive. Without you, people would completely forget about people like this!

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