Low-Carb: Our Next Journey.


My husband and I have been searching for a way to become healthier. Ever since I have had my daughter I have lost a little more than half of my baby weight, but with the summer months that followed and all that came along with them I seemed to plateau. My husband also has been looking for a way to return to the healthier lifestyle he lived a few years back. Personally I need to eat better AND be more active. My husband, he works out at the crack of dawn with my exercise addicted brother-in-law (and for anyone wondering this is something I am proud of… not being a smartalic I promise) four or five times a week. So he doesn’t have quite the lifestyle change that I do, but one all the same.

I would call myself a persistent ‘trier’ if there is such a thing. Maybe I don’t always ‘do,’ but I do try. I know, Yoda would be disappointed I have it backwards, but I promise my goal IS to always “Try not, do or do not, there is no try.” It may just not always work out that way. My husband often rolls his eyes when I say this week I am going to TRY to cut out pop or next week I am going to TRY and work out every day. It’s a running joke I can’t help, but laugh at every time I come up with something new to try, but hey at least I am trying. That’s what I always say. The breaking point and a bad time is when one gives up completely. When they say I don’t even care anymore. I am not worrying about it any longer. Of course we shouldn’t worry about it, there is no sense in worrying about it, but we should ALWAYS be making an effort towards a healthier lifestyle. So I am definitely on the more positive side of it all.

Well with this said, I thought maybe the blogosphere might keep me on my toes. They might make me feel more obligated to keep my goal. My goal to lose weight and change my lifestyle to a lifestyle I can be proud of and pass on to my daughter. So as I was doing some research the next ‘diet’ I thought we could try is the low carb diet… And I mean cut out most carbs, particularly refined sugars, breads, sodas, but not all carbs all together. Maybe I should call it the ‘LOWER’ carb diet instead. Anyway, I don’t want to take it to an extreme, but I do want to try and commit to cutting out some of the sugar in my diet. What appealed to me is that it is something that seemed reasonably done. I could avoid breads, candy, snack food and throw in a whole wheat tortilla now and again. I could easily cook meals that contained only protein and non-starchy vegetables. It wasn’t something where I had to buy pricey food items that I had never cooked with before or heard of. It seemed simple enough. I also am going to try and work out three nights a week to start out with. Sounds easy, but I know it won’t be. I am horrible at keeping up with working out, but I shall try.

Back in the day, our great grandmothers were constantly active and ate smaller portions and maybe this is why they lived to a ripe old age. Maybe it’s why I have a great grandmother, who is 98 years young, which still lives on her own. I want to learn to live that healthier lifestyle they did themselves. An active one.

So my goal is to use this diet to help me become healthier and become someone who works out regularly. I will be tracking my weight and measurements and hopefully in the weeks and months to come I will have positive updates for you all. Wish me luck and say a prayer!


3 thoughts on “Low-Carb: Our Next Journey.

  1. Suze says:

    Last year I found out that I was “pre-diabetic” and had to change the way I eat. I did three things and lost 7% of my body weight in six months. the goal is to make new habits and lose just 2 to 2.5 pounds per week. I no longer drink sodas except on a special occasion. I completely cut diet sodas which as extremely high in sodium. I stopped using margarine and switched over to a half butter, half canola oil spread. and I stopped white flour products. I don’t count calories, or carbs anymore. this is the extent of a modified carb diet . just when serving yourself figure 1/2 veg, 1/4 meat and 1/4 starch on a plate. Easiest way to lose weight there is and you never feel deprived.

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    I went with the “plate method” as well when I was told I was diabetic. It turns out I’m not (it was a thing with steroids for my ever-present lung infections) but as Suze says, it’s a really easy way to cut back on carbs.
    And I think your very reasonable approach will work best. You’re not depriving yourself entirely so you won’t have as strong an urge to throw caution to the wind and binge on carbs. I’m positive you can do it!

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