Trying a New Recipe and Kitchen Fails!


It is always daunting try something new let alone something you cooked up, no pun intended, in your own head. It makes me wonder… How did women in the past cook? Were most things recipes they made up or did they mostly use recipes as well. Or  was it possibly just that they cooked so often it became a habit and skill they mastered and no longer needed the assistance of a cookbook? Well, tonight I am trying my own take on a cheeseburger pie. Just checked the oven and to be honest smells amazing… looks very weird AND we eat with are eyes first right? I am hoping it turns out edible for my husbands sake unlike the cauliflower crust I tried to make and was the most horrible cooking fail. I will let you know how it turns out.

While we are waiting… do any of you fellow bloggers have any great recipes or stories about when you tried something new? Success stories and fails all welcomed!

Comment with your stories. I can’t wait to hear!


5 thoughts on “Trying a New Recipe and Kitchen Fails!

  1. Suze says:

    the first time I made bread, I used three packets of yeast. the dry yeast comes in a packet of three pouches and in my defense I had no idea whether the instructions were asking for one package of three pouches or one pouch. I mixed everything else exactly as the recipe stated and set it aside to rise.
    Well, it rose all right! In a half hour it had grown OUT of the huge bowl I had placed in it..and the directions said for it to rise for 45 minutes! By that time, the dough had risen and overflowed the bowl! I pounded the heck out of it and managed to get all the overflow mixed back in for the second rise. In a half hour it had once again overflowed the bowl and was drooping onto the floor. there was bread dough everywhere! I cut off all the stuff that was on the floor and threw the rest……….into a roasting pan to beat back into submission. it was the only bowl-like object I had besides the sink or a bathtub. I split it into three loaves and placed them for the last rise. I checked after ten minutes and they had tripled in height! I stuffed them into the oven and prayed for the best. I had taken out the top two racks and hoped the bread wouldn’t grow too high. 35 minutes later I was to “tap for doneness”…..and the tops of the loaves were stuck on the stoves ceiling! I had to cut them out of the stove. I cut them in half horizontally and put them back in the oven to finish. I ended up with three “normal looking” loaves and three really really odd shaped towers of bread. The kids loved it. My husband laughed until he cried and I cried for a week I was so embarrassed.

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