Women Were Given Unique Power


God created women to be a companion for men. Does this mean that men are supposed to have power over the women? In my opinion the answer is both yes and no. The man is supposed to be the head of the house hold, but I believe this can be interpreted in many ways not just the materialistic ways that are often thought of when considering equality today. I believe a man is supposed to be the visible strength of a household. It was intended for them to be the bread winners and providers. So does that mean women should be submissive and do as they are told? Absolutely not! God never intended for a marriage to be one overpowering the other. Marriage is two individuals coming together to create one using the strengths of both individuals to succeed in the union of the two. Just like the quote above explains, we are too busy thinking we have to be equal with men from a competitive point of view. Women were given unique strengths that men were not. Of course, the power to bare children is an obvious one, but I am asking you to look at other capabilities we possess. Think how many times in the Bible women were able to manipulate a situation and get their way. I am not at all encouraging this, but using it as an example that women were given a power that is superior to that of a man. The difference is women were given a unique power to persuade, but they are not intended to use it unless only for good. So I guess what I am trying to say is women were given more self-control. God knew women would be able to have such a power, but be able to resist using it unless their intentions were pure.  As we see in the Bible, this power of persuasion is often used not with the best intentions, but many women find the strength to do this without doing harm.

While we were intended to let the man be the bread winner, we were given control in the sense of a certain calm we can obtain when situations are rough. We are able to take care of our families while using our power to retain order within the home without anyone realizing we are doing so. See, men were not made to do this as women were. A man thinks in a way of step by step, black and white, to fix a situation or make a decision. Women can use emotions and reasoning side by side. Something a man wasn’t made to do. That emotion has such power. The power of heart and kindness. Of course men love and are kind as well, but God intentionally made us do it differently from one another. Women can use their power of heart and quiet control to raise a family with strong values and morals. While the husband is the brain and muscle of the family the woman is the backbone and heart that makes the family stand tall.

Women were created to function differently from a man for certain reason. We should remember the importance of this and that God’s intentions are always perfect. It is perfectly acceptable to be different. Earthly-minded things set aside, it is alright to sit back quietly and know while men might appear to possess a certain power… women’s unique powers are beyond special in their own right and we were absolutely not given the short stick.


I would love to thank for my sister-in-law Sara, another great mother to look up to, for posting this quote of Facebook and inspiring this post!


7 thoughts on “Women Were Given Unique Power

  1. Sara Grote says:

    Aweee that was so beautifully written!!! I’m honored to be the inspiration for this and you made me tear up a bit….. you are a great mother and sister in law too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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