Guest Writer: A trash memory is his treasure.

Hey Everyone!

Here is the guest writer piece I promised. Such a great piece by my sister. Don’t let her fool you by the understatement of her love of traditions. She often reminds me how it is important to put in that extra effort whether I want to or not because they are ALWAYS worth it. She makes insanely cool traditions for my nephew and also my daughter. Just this last Wednesday she showed up with matching Halloween jammies for the kiddos that I’m sure will be an annual tradition that the kids will look forward to every year. I am very blessed to to have her to remind me of these important things.

With that said, I here is my sister’s wonderful thoughts that I know you will enjoy…

One thing that weighs on my mind are the memories my son is making in his life. For me, the foundation of amazing childhood memories is what drives most of my life. I organize my schedule, my focus, my energy around traditions and experiences that hold a sentimental value in my heart. For my son, I guess I assumed he’d pick up on the same traditional loves that I have; however, I quickly learned that what he loves isn’t necessarily what I use to love and that is a very important thing to notice.

For him, he gets excited to decorate the house for Halloween. He gets excited for our bi annual bonfire held in the back yard. He is passionate about growing veggies in the garden. He has a myriad of passions that he wants to see happen over and over again. At first, this puzzled me so very much. He wasn’t obsessed with the same traditions that I was…. “Mommy, when will we have a bonfire again?!”…. I don’t know buddy, but aren’t you jacked up about baking Christmas cookies??….

I started to focus on his lack of enthusiasm toward my passions rather than his overwhelming enthusiasm for his own passions. This didn’t last long so don’t think negatively of me, but when I finally realized well DUH, he is building his own childhood foundation/collection of memories .. it was like an AH HA moment. I understood that it was his own life and that his childhood memories/moments/special traditions are his own. They are his and not mine. With my creativity and support, I can give him the amazing childhood that he deserves.

How are you helping to create a foundation of childhood memories for your child? It is so easy to sit down and say to yourself… “I’ll make Halloween cookies with him next year… I’ll dress up with him next year… I know he’d like that but ‘maybe he’s too young’… I’m tired I don’t want to get up…and the one that ALWAYS gets me……… I’m no good to anyone if I’m tired…. BULLCRAP.

We get them while they are little for a moment. A simple and quick moment. Are you taking advantage of their moment? Are you building a foundation of memories that they rely on for the rest of their lives?

Food for thought.

Jessica Langley

English Language Arts Teacher
Ash Grove High School
“Home of the Pirates”

One thought on “Guest Writer: A trash memory is his treasure.

  1. Sheri Welch says:

    Such a good piece!!! From my 52 years of experience…traditions are what make us who we are. They are the glue that bind families together and make them unique. After all, it’s not the stuff we accumulate in life it’s the memories with the people we love that make life worth living. And your children will be forever grateful for the traditions that you give them or their own traditions that you support.

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