Vintage social networking

I absolutely love this piece! Thank you yarnsmithery for allowing me to reblog. My great grandma made many quilts doing this with friends!


Remember when social networking was about meeting up with friends – in person?

Crafters are reclaiming the original concept.

Getting together for coffee, cake and chat, accompanied by knitting or crochet, seems to be an increasingly popular way to escape the everyday hustles for a couple of hours – and long may it continue, that’s what I say!


Some crafty friends and I meet up every month or so at The Fold in Bransford, just outside Worcester. The friendly staff don’t seem to mind our yarny antics and we get lots of positive comments from fellow customers.  We share ideas, help each other out with queries, and even swap stash, while we ‘put the world to rights’ over a cuppa.

Knit and Natter; Stitch and Bitch; Craft Bees … Are you a fan? Does your group have a name and if so, how did it come about? I’d love to…

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