Let Them Call the Shots This Halloween! 

To all my readers out there, I hope this is a great day for you all. Remember holidays can bring stress, but it’s often because we over plan. This is the age of over doing EVERYTHING… which of course is ok sometimes, but most days not necessary. We feel we have to make the blood on a child’s face look freakishly real or spend our life savings on candy that’s unique. Well news flash, people used to just throw one of their old sheets over their kid’s head send them out to trick or treat and guess what? Those kids have just as fond of memories of Halloween as those other children. Of course we are trying to make this day memorable for our children, but remember kids are a lot more simple than we make them out to be. All we need to do is give them attention and be excited right along with them. That’s what makes them happy. Don’t force them through a make session they just aren’t into or wear a mask they can’t stand. Let them have a relaxed holiday and call the shots… for the most part. It’ll make for a much more easy gong Halloween.

I was one of those children who got overwhelmed at holidays/birthdays! I was told I was always a terror (sorry Mom) because even as a child it stressed me out. So here’s a quick reminder that some things are too much for little ones too. Just go with the flow and make the day fun! 

Happy Halloween! 


9 thoughts on “Let Them Call the Shots This Halloween! 

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love that you stress simplicity. I remember those sheet over the head days (because I’m so darned old!) and we all loved Halloween just as much as kids wearing $70 masks and $50 costumes! You’re a wise young woman!

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    • VintageFeminist says:

      Thanks so much! That means a lot. I agree completely. I barely remember what I wore or who I dressed up as. I remember going with my cousins and the way peoples houses were decorated. It’s one of those things we over think and it really is so simple!

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  2. GeorgieMoon says:

    The whole Halloween thing isn’t a big deal in the UK. Parents.might dress their kids up and do a very local trick or treat game among friends, but not everyone does it. If you look of my window, there’s no Halloween lights or decorations, I can’t see any pumpkins, no parade, no trick or treaters. Thank goodness!

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    • VintageFeminist says:

      Really?! That’s crazy to think. There’s always a ton of children here in the US lining small town main streets, but it’s getting a little less popular because people are getting into “trunk or treat” where there’s just booths set up in one business or one place that everyone goes too. But of course there’s always pub crawls or party after party where adults dress up and litter the streets as well so lol it’s not going away anytime soon, but I’ve always heard rumors that Americans get a bad wrap because they are how should I say it ‘less reserved.’ 😕 lol but anyway I love hearing the differences in cultures from country to country. So interesting! I could listen to stories all day. Thanks so much for sharing! I learned something new.

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