Today’s World Knows No Right or Wrong.


The quote pictured really registered with me and what Vintage Feminist is all about. Vintage Feminist is all about reverting back to those ‘old-fashion values,’ but this quote was a great reminder that these values and morals are not ‘old-fashion’ they are TIMELESS… just sadly forgotten. It is scary really. Think… we are living in a world where wholesome values are a thing of the past. Is that even possible? Well of course because look around you the world is no longer made up of people who are aiming to be good. It is made up of people full of excuses for bad behavior. I would love to see this change, but the question is will it ever?

People truly have lost sight of what is important. Family, kindness, love… Human beings are so self-absorbed they believe they can truly do no wrong. This in return creates a world where NOTHING is wrong. Today, the view is that everything has to be accepted. Absolutely no one can say ‘that is wrong.’ Everyone tries to disguise that as a world of acceptance when it really is a world that threatens you for not accepting them. Which is ironic, right?

The human race was obviously better off when there was simply right and wrong. That encouraged people to do what is right because it was easily understood the consequences of wrong actions. Whereas today there is so much room to get away with wrong actions that people tend to take the chance of wrong-doing. The lines are so blurred that it is hard to for children to understand the concept of good values anymore.

We as parents should make the best effort possible to instill good values in our children because it’s up to them to be the new generation that can change the direction the world is headed in. We have to be good examples for them in every aspect of our lives. Teach them to do what is right. Teach them to not judge, but stand firm in their convictions and beliefs. Most importantly do this all with kindness, humility and love. If more and more of us make this a goal as parents maybe these wholesome values can make a comeback. Maybe they will no longer be ‘old-fashion.’


7 thoughts on “Today’s World Knows No Right or Wrong.

  1. Suze says:

    I think it would depend upon which “wholesome values” you want to promote. Telling the truth, respecting others, respecting your family members are all great things. A whole bunch of values though are iffy at best and unconstitutional at worst. Good blog post, would have liked to see some specifics

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