Children’s Television and Politics

Children’s television and politicsaren’t  something that goes hand in hand and I LOVE it.

To begin with, during this political season, especially the last month, the political ads on television have gotten out of control. There is absolutely no class when it comes to the dreadful commercials. Personally they disgust me. They are all so aggressive whether they are true or not it there is no way I would ever trust a single one. These ads all hit below the belt and isn’t it disgusting we as a country have resorted to having to see commercials like this to decide our vote OR even worse having to vote this kind of person into office that resorts to this sort of nonsense. Just this weekend my husband and I sat watching our favorite show and we counted SIX politic ads in a row. By the end of them I was so exhausted by the content I found myself anxious about who will be voted into office all at the same time of thinking who cares anymore… just get it over with! Well of course I still do care and will be there voting tomorrow, but for the spilt second it can make one crazy. 

Anyway on to my second thought… children’s television. I found myself in a place where I usually feel as if I hear “It’s the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…” one more time I will pull my hair out to a place I’m begging for more. Why is this you ask? It’s because Disney Channel has 24 hours of shows without any trace of politics gracing its presence. I am not sure about other kids channels, but we watch A LOT of Disney Jr around here and I can go a whole day with hearing that this politician is a liar and cheater or this one can’t be trusted. All I see is sweet cartoon after cartoon teaching good morals and values to my daughter and nephew. So today I find myself thankful for children’s television channels like this giving me a break from the horrible political advertising.

Lastly, it has me thinking… did television used to be this bad during election season? A question I will ask my parents and grandparents very soon. Did they have to endure five straight minutes of commercials that are more confusing than helpful or was it simpler, not as nasty? 

With all that said, this will be one for the story books I am sure and maybe in the future some blogger will be a supporter of past living just like Vintage Feminist is. I just doubt this particular election will be admired so. Maybe it will be so bad they will be begging for more channels like Disney to escape to and I will be reminded how grateful I was for children’s television. 


3 thoughts on “Children’s Television and Politics

  1. Sheri Welch says:

    Well said!!! I totally agree, it’s shameful, the mug slinging, etc. So thank you to Disney Jr for giving you the escape from what is wrong with this country. Where did positivity go?!!!!

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