Children: What Life is About…

What motherhood has taught me is that bring life into this world is the biggest blessing apart from Jesus dying for our sins. Have you ever been in a place where you are contemplating whether or not you wish to have children? Possibly it seems like to much responsibility. Maybe you don’t feel like you want the stress of shaping this young human being into a successful adult. There are many reasons people choose not to have kids of their own and of course to each their own, but if you find yourself at a stand still and the pros and cons seem to be equally stressful, let me give you my insight on the issue.

Just like the quote says above you will have a responsibility of teaching this little blessing about the world and try and  lead them down the right path, but this is a minuscule idea in what encompasses being a parent. Yes it’s very important, but in my personal experience there is no better thing on this planet than getting to  have children. People all over the world go to great lengths to have children. Adoption. IVF. Etc. God put people on this earth to assist those who want children. Gave them a mind to figure out how to let so many men and women experience parent hood who might not have been able to experience otherwise. It just goes to show how special it is being a parent. It is a love like no other. Now I know there are some who don’t feel this way and that is perfectly fine, but remember this is for the individuals who find themselves undecided. There is no more special relationship than one with your children. Getting to hear their first words. See their first smile. Their first steps. Getting to experience whether they are more like you or their father. Watching them grow. These moments make life worth the good and the bad. I have found myself many times see my daughter experience something for the first time or be rocking her to sleep and find myself thinking… THIS is what life is about. 

So if you have ever found yourself lost and confused deciding if parenting is for you, know myself, a mother, has never experienced anything so special as bring life into this world. It’s one of life’s greatest gifts and there will never be a day you will regret having children, but I believe their could be a day one regrets NOT having children. 


5 thoughts on “Children: What Life is About…

  1. nocturnalmomtalks says:

    I had my eldest at such a young age. She taught me to be responsible and mature. My youngest taught his Papa that being a parent is the greatest and most important role you’d play in your entire life. We wouldn’t be what we are today if not for our children

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