To My Veteran…

To MY veteran and to ALL others as well… THANK YOU so much for your service. To those who have fought and died for our freedom. To those who were blessed enough to make it home. We salute you. As this struggle in our nation occurs I hope those who are stating that they are “ashamed to be an American” or have their pride hurt because the elections didn’t fall in the favor, take a moment today to realize how unbelievable blessed you are to live in this country. There are countless numbers of men and women (including my husband) who have put their lives on the line so you could live free. Not to mention DIED for your freedom. This is not only including the young men and women today, but the many men and women of wars past who served our great nation. The thousands who died at Pearl Harbor, the POWs, the many individuals who have served who suffer from PTSD who have seen and heard things that forever changed their lives. Take a moment today and drop all the nonsense and remember what is important.

I am so proud to be married to one of these men. My husband is very humble on this day and has rolled his eyes many times when my family buys him cards or has a dinner for him, but sorry babe we’re so grateful for you we just can’t hide it. Evelinn will be so honored to have you as a dad. Having a father that is a veteran of foreign wars will be cherished by her forever and we are so blessed to call you ours. AND to all others who have so selflessly served we thank you forever and always.

And side note… it is DISGUSTING to those who have said that they don’t know what’s worse 9/11 or 11/9… how one could even compare seeing a certain person they don’t see fit being elect president and 3000+ thousand innocent lives being taken by terrorist is beyond my comprehension… go back watch those panicked New Yorkers in the streets, watch as countless numbers of firefighters and police officers enter the towers to never escape, listen to the phone calls of those saying their goodbyes trapped inside or stuck on one of those ill fated planes, watch as you see mothers, fathers, sons, daughters jump from the towers and hear them hit the ground. THIS is beyond comparison of bad and the SHAME lies with those who believe Wednesday was a worse day. PLUS the many who lost their loved in the Middle East following those attacks. I can handle and believe in the right to peacefully protest and disagree, but the statement above was something I found much dishonor in. PERSPECTIVE PEOPLE.ย 


“And I won’t forget the men who died and gave that right to me…” ๐ŸŽค


10 thoughts on “To My Veteran…

  1. Sheri Welch says:

    Excellent!!!! I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for being the American you are!! We need more like you and less like the thugs!!! I am forever grateful to our veterans!! I honor them and cherish every one of them๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…

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  2. BKW says:

    Very good post, I would like to point out a select few that should be banned from opening that pie hole in their face. America protects these people but I think they cross the line and should be deported.
    Chelsea Handler, Cher, Miley Cyrus to name a few. I thank God my daughters did not listen to these trash talking communist when they were growing up. Thank you veterans for everything you have done.

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