My Daughters First Christmas…

Now that Halloween is over my FULL and undivided attention is on my daughters first Christmas. Sorry thanksgiving, but Christmas reins surpreme! Especially my daughter’s first Christmas EVER. It’s November 13th and I have already bought all of her presents. Well of course if I don’t see anything else I choose to buy… Anyway, I am having a blast. I am putting an amazing amount of thought into what to buy a nine month old. I know it is ridiculous to over do it with large amounts of gifts due to the mere fact that she won’t remember anything in the long run. Instead I have put special effort into picking a smaller amount of gifts that I think after she takes hours ripping the paper off of them that she will be interested in. Luckily, Evelinn is very good at playing with toys. She will spend a good amount of time for someone her age at a toy exploring it’s every fun functions made for the little tykes and when she is done she will go on to the next. I believe it’s a ‘girl’ thing. From my own experience they seem more content with sitting and enjoying a toy for a longer period of time that boys. My nephew had an energy that couldn’t be contained and he could go through all his toys twice before his morning nap. Anyway, so with Evelinn I was able to buy a few toys that I think she will really be able to enjoy.

 On top of gifts, I am ready to make the house feel like the North Pole. AND yes I am aware she will be pulling off all the ornaments off the bottom of the tree, but I am doing it anyway. We have bought her her Christmas dress and bow. We will be taking her to the local Christmas shows and parades and let her experience all the Christmas cheer. 

There is a lot of pressure to make this Christmas special this year. The question is whether it is for her or for me? Well I know my intentions of course are for her, but a child’s first Christmas is for the parents really. Parents want to see their child have a magical day that they can look back at pictures and videos and feel blessed. I pray this Christmas my husband and I will be able to do that for our daughter. That she will have a day even her little self can tell is special. 


18 thoughts on “My Daughters First Christmas…

  1. EnjoyThemToday says:

    Love it! We put our Christmas tree up on Nov 7th πŸ˜‰ My kids love Christmas so much that we want to enjoy it as long as possible. And with all my babies, it seemed that they loved the boxes and bows and wrapping paper more than the actual gifts, so I’m sure she’ll absolutely love anything you do for her!

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    • VintageFeminist says:

      After hunting season when I get to see my husband again and he hasn’t disappeared into the woods we are putting ours up early as well. Very excited! Oh I can imagine! Our daughter loves to rip up magazines I can’t imagine what wrapping paper and bows will be like. It’ll be a blast 😊


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