Growing Families

Over the past nine our family has grown tremendously! There is no bigger blessing than to see a family who’s love is not comparable grow even larger. I have written before about the impressionable love that lies within my extended family. Just nine short years ago, my undenialably amazing family consisted of two grandparents (the best on the planet), 7 grandkids, our parents and aunts and uncles, but this quickly changed. Although we lost my grandma, the reason we are all so close, to pancreatic cancer our love lives on stronger than ever. AND we have added many more to the family! Six of the grandkids have gotten married with the last being married this April, although his girlfriend has been a great addition to he family since day one. Also, there has been one new grandkid added to the bunch and four new great grandchildren with I am sure one day will be many more to come.

My cousins and I in my grandparents back yard. The home that built us.

With a growing extended family one often sees individuals growing apart. Not having time to ALL get together just like they used to, but our family is different. Although we no longer try and have a get together for every members birthday, the exception being the kids of course, we still find time to get together every holiday. We all come together, enjoy a meal and the company of each other. We as human beings try and make things so complicated. Often finding ourselves expressing there is no longer time to do this or that, but this is a common lie we tell ourselves. It’s all about attitude people trust me. It comes down if you simply want to make the effort to keep a family strong and together. Of course there is always exceptions of some literally having solid reasons this can no longer happen, but it usually depends on how badly you really wish to get together and with my family it is a top priority. There’s no doubt our children will grow up feeling as if their second and third cousins will feel like aunts, uncles or first cousins instead. They will not feel that separation because the closeness of family they will grow up seeing. We have been so blessed to have our grandparents create a home away from home for us all. A place we gather and where 30 plus people become one and the lines of the degree of separation become blurred. I will always be grateful for this and hope everyone can find the love of a family like we all have. With our situation the quote “All because two people fell in love” never had truer meaning and I thank God every day for the family my grandparents created. 


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