The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.

Hey Everyone! 

I just order two personalized books for my daughter and nephew! The books I ordered were from a website that sells a book called “The Little Girl/Boy that Lost His/Her Name.” I saw an ad on Facebook for these books and couldn’t resist ordering one each for the little ones in my life. I got my daughter the book the site is named after and my nephew one of the other options on their site. It was so much fun creating each book. Getting to personalize them with their names, address and pick character’s looks. There was also free shipping and a place to write a free dedication that’ll be printed in the book itself. It is the perfect Christmas gift for youngsters. Educational, personal and a keepsake they can keep for ever. I encourage any one to check them out! 

Click link above to check it out! And plus anyone who uses that link to order they’ll send me a free book and they do the same for you if you share the link they’ll give you after ordering your own! 

Happy Weekend! 


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