Best Parade Yet!

Hello Everyone! 

Another crazy busy holiday weekend. Like I said before now until January my life is filled with Christmas event after Christmas event. Like my dad would say, “it’s time to get jacked up on Christmas spirit.” Well, I am and this fun filled weekend is full of candy making and parade fun! 

If you remember earlier in November… my sister agreed to take on the Ash Grove Christmas Parade because our little town was going to cancel the beloved annual event. There was no one willing to take on the craziness running a parade intells… except my sister! She took on this years festivities just like my grandma would have done, she kept the tradition alive and MANY have said it was the best in many years. I would full heartedly agree. The line of floats and cars wrapped around our little town and there was a variety of groups involved. It consisted of school clubs, church groups, Elsa, marching bands, the polar express, horse clubs, our county’s horse riding officers, police cars, motorcycles, fire trucks and last, but DEFINITELY not least Santa Clause. 

Kids lined the street waiting for candy to be thrown and ohhh did they throw it. Unlike any Parade I have seen before children left with sacks FULL of candy. Make more than Halloween itself. My daughter LOVED every second. She waved, a skill she’s just learned, as everyone went by, yelled with excitement and danced to all the music. My sister put on a wonderful parade this year that’ll never be forgotten. 

It truly pays off to get involved in your small community just like people used to do back in the good old days. It makes memories so much more special and allows traditions to live on and become a constant in our lives. We were very blessed the spirit of tradition and Christmas live so strongly within my sister and we hope to see her take on the task again next year! 


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