Housewife Dreams


Today, I believe I went through the finale transition into becoming an official housewife. Why, you ask? Well, I have began having dreams about doing housework. Now these aren’t just dreams that are dull, drab and leave me waking up feeling nothing like most dreams I have. This dream I had last night had me waking up jacked then a huge disappointment.

Last night I had dreamed I was doing the dishes. Now I am a firm believer men can do the dishes too, but as I am home all the time and my husband provides financially for us so I can stay home with our daughter it’s the least I can do. Anyway, I wAs Loading the dish washer to be more exact. Note, our kitchen sink had dishes piled in it from making brownies for my husbands office and I hadn’t had the chance to clean them, yet. Probably the reason behind this ‘housewife’ dream. I was rearranging the dishes because in my dream, just like reality often plays out, my husband had loaded the washer in a way no more could fit, but there was about half the amount of dishes I usually can put in myself. Well here is the exciting part that left me waking excited then disappointed. I found a way to rearrange the dishes, add all there was in the sink, AND all of the bottles my daughter had used! Right after this I woke up and realized I hadn’t accomplished the task. I was very disappointed as you could imagine, but was happy to have this nice dream.

Its sad right? This is what my ‘good’ dreams consist of now. For someone who doesn’t really like to dream… not at all! They usually leave me feeling as if I haven’t slept at all and unrested, but I will take it!

So I guess I have officially transitioned into the housewife role… awake and in my dreams.


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