In the midst of Winter… a glimpse of Spring.

As I was sitting here watching Ellen I began wondering… does the rest of the world have “bipolar” weather the way Missouri does? My whole life I have always remembered have weirdly cold days in summer, a sudden 70 degree day in the midst of winter, a tornado in January perhaps…

We have all four seasons, but they sure are no where consistent and sometimes decide to only make a, pardon my French, half-ass appearance. For someone who loves warm weather I’m perfectly happy with winter deciding to take it easy a year or two, but am VERY disappointed when we happen to have a June that feels more like April. Warm weather by far is easier with children in my opinion. There is so much more to do. Some much more space to burn off that couped energy the little boogers get during the cold months. 

Today, was one of those ‘the weather couldn’t decide who it wanted to be today’ days and my nephew, daughter and I were able to play outside, just like kids always used to back in the good old days. I could instantaneously feel my mood boost as I walked into the WARM sunshine. Any chance I get I try and get them outside for truly healthy playtime. Yes, they are possibly calling for a huge ice storm again this Friday (see what I mean 🙄), but we are milking every last second out of this not-so-rare and strange, but always welcomed 60 degree weather in January! 

I am unsure where many of you all live, but is it similar where you call home? Are you able to get your children outside to play year round?


4 thoughts on “In the midst of Winter… a glimpse of Spring.

  1. Sheri welch says:

    I love the warmer weather too!!! The sunshine is the best mood lifter there is, the warmth from it is so comforting!! But I guess if we didn’t have the other weather we wouldn’t appreciate it so much. Just like life, the bad times make the good times seem so much better!!!

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  2. Elizabeth says:

    I live for warm weather. Cold gets to this old lady! And Michigan is one of the places where we say “If you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minutes!” I’m just hoping we don’t get an epic ice storm this year!

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