What is a feminist? Most people would probably interpret that now-a-days as a woman that is powerful and supports female rights. Powerful in the sense of being a working woman. One that may own her own business or “does it all”. A woman that fights to be equal to man. In my opinion, this is only one side of being a feminist. If we were to strip everything materialistic from a woman and ask “What makes a woman TRULY feminine? I would answer that women are nurturing and the ultimate feminist act would be caring for those around them. Being the backbone for the ones she loves. I am sad to say that women from the past used to be much better at this than we are now.

More than ever we find ourselves wishing for the “good ole days.” These days consisted of pot lucks, families around the dinner table WITHOUT phones in their hands or TVs in front of their faces, sitting on the front porch, birthday parties for kids were simply cake and ice cream at home surrounded by loved ones. Lives were much simpler. And I believe even the most accomplished woman wishes they could find even the smallest way to incorporate this sort of thing into her hectic life. This blog is about balance for both those who stay at home and those who kick butt at their jobs. Finding ways to incorporate old fashion traditions that made for a better life in the past into our lives now. I want to prove that women can conquer the world by doing it ALL. We can be the backbone of the family… make sure they are healthy, happy and taken care of, as well as doing it all for ourselves as well… just like women used to do.  I know it is up to us to make this world a bit more wholesome…make it a better place. Whether you are a completely devoted homemaker or work sixty hours a week, we all can support one another and make a difference about what truly matters… love, family, raising kids, friends, etc. Despite what kind of woman we may be, we could all use some vintage feminism.

In my post, I will aim to teach modern women some timeless values or maybe a creative way to turn back time. Whether its a homemade recipe or an old time hobby, I will work to make every post be inspired from something from the “good old days”, .

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Contact me with any ideas or comments. I would love for this to be a community where we could all come up with ways to better ourselves as individuals. I also would love to hear stories or ways you have been inspired by the past. Remember Vintage Feminist aims toward positivity, KIND constructive criticism and love.

I hope you enjoy!

With Love,