The Lord’s Day and Prayers for Texas!

Hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday! And prayers for Texas... may the Lord let them all find safety! 


Vegetable Garden = Baked Goods? (Recipes)

When it comes to gardening most people, when planting a small scale raised garden, first go to is vegetables. Tomatoes, onions, potatoes, squash, peppers, zucchini and many many more. All of these make for great additions to your meals, but something they lack is most usually don't make for the best desserts and for those … Continue reading Vegetable Garden = Baked Goods? (Recipes)

God gave me an eclipse for my birthday! 

Well, I would like to think so. He has much greater things on His plate to deal with, but I think He knew  how much I would appreciate it. Very blessed birthday and very cool experience! The crickets and cicadas starting to chirp was by far my favorite part. Hope you all had an amazing … Continue reading God gave me an eclipse for my birthday! 

Liebster Award

Hello Everyone!! I am honored to have been nominated by the Tipsy Castle for the Liebster Award. Please check out her site. Such a great one. This award is given to new bloggers that fellow bloggers see potential and find their new blogs interesting. I can't tell you how amazing it is to be recognized … Continue reading Liebster Award

Turn Back Time

As you all remember, Vintage Feminist is about inspiring people to become more like their grandparents. To look to gain stronger values. To aim to be more kind and respectful. Nowadays, these types of "morals" are considered to be outdated. We live in a world where it's the trend to be blunt (aka rude), opinionated, … Continue reading Turn Back Time

Screaming Child : Introvert Parent

Children are the greatest blessing on this planet. They bring such joy to life and teach us the beauty of the path in which we even as adults are supposed to walk. With that said, parenting isn't for the faint of heart! It is challenging everyday. Today, we took my daughter who we believe is … Continue reading Screaming Child : Introvert Parent

In the midst of Winter… a glimpse of Spring.

As I was sitting here watching Ellen I began wondering... does the rest of the world have "bipolar" weather the way Missouri does? My whole life I have always remembered have weirdly cold days in summer, a sudden 70 degree day in the midst of winter, a tornado in January perhaps... We have all four … Continue reading In the midst of Winter… a glimpse of Spring.